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Count me in. I'll be there, saturday the december 8th, 2001

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I wanna play the following games: Please check all Q3-mods you like!
Quake1 Qpong
Quake2 Jail Break
Quake3 Night Hunters
Unreal Tournament Catch the chicken
Compo (one on one)

Type here other mods/games you like!

The things you'll need  
  1. Your own computer and monitor, a Network Interface Card (10MB or 100MB), UTP or Coax. If you have them: UTP cables for the network! Power cables
  2. A headPhone set!
  3. Have all the games you want to play installed and tested on your computer before you come! This is VERY important! Only use legal software!. Some games we play (like quake3) are available in shareware versions.
  4. All the latest game patches, maps, Mods, display drivers, can be downloaded from our FTP server at the party.
If you don't have a network interface card, e-mail me I've got some spare ones! Please, be sure it works before you come!
The network  
  • Got two network servers, both with Linux RedHat 6.1
  • A 3COM Switch with 100MB FD, and a couple of 100MB hubs.
  • There is a DHCP Server installed on server Lancelot. So set your TCP/IP settings to default. ( Obtain an IP address automatically). That's it!
  • Domain name is Camelot. Excalibur has the FTP server active! lancelot is the main game server.
  • Server lancelot has IP :
  • Server Excalibur has IP
  • Because i use Linux servers this means that we can only play games with linux ports! (most GOOD games have ports).
  • Please do not share your harddrives with windows 95/98!! Causes unnecessary network load!
Time and Costs  
We'll start at about 9:30 a.m., till about 19:00
The costs are about Hfl 10,- a person.

This does NOT includes drinks and lunch!
Date and place:  
On Saturday december 8th, 2001 again at Eucalypta in Winterswijk (Holland).
Hope to see you there!
Jeugdkerkstraat 5
7101 DP  Winterswijk
The Netherlands

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